Sunday, 28 September 2014

bake-a-tip: Fondant whimsy and cartoony bow tutorial

The last #bakeatip I posted about tutorial of how I make tiny bow...using the same method you can create this whimsy cartoony bow.

What you need to do is to roll out a thicker fondant/gumpaste, use heart shape cutters to cut out couple of heart shape fondant pieces...Shape and smooth out the edges of the heart ...then finally assemble. Easy right? 

Note: See previous post to see the steps by steps photos.

Happy caking!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Bake-a-tip: How to make a mini fondant bow tie

Hi Bootiful!
It's bake-a-tip time again! 

I love bow ties and I love making fondant bow ties...but I don't like making mini fondant bow ties....I am talking the teeny tiny one not just regular mini ones....well that's before I got myself a set of mini heart plunger cutters!

What? Mini heart cutters? That don't make any sense..what is it got anything to do with bow ties???
Well let me show you how to make these teeny tiny mini bow ties using the mini heart plunger cutters.

All you need is a set of mini heart plunger cutters (mine came in 3 different sizes), a modeling veining tool, some modeling fondant or gum paste and edible glue or water

Super easy!

Happy caking!!