Thursday, 24 March 2011

Three Special Birthday Cakes

Dark Chocolate Cake with Strawberry and Chocolate buttercream fillings.

Last Saturday I made three special birthday cakes for three special birthday parties that we were invited to. It was a very hectic week, 3 cakes to make..a sick little boy..and 3 parties to attend on the same day...I don't know how I manage to get through the week, but I did! :)

Here are the three cakes I made. The first cake is a dark chocolate cake with strawberry and chocolate buttercream fillings. This cake was specially made for my best friend and her cousin, they celebrated their birthday together. My bestfriend has her hair high lighted hot pink recently, so I thought I matched her hair colour with the cake colour theme. I thought they matched really well!

Scooby Do theme cake

The Scooby Do theme cake was for a special girl name Emily for her 5th birthday. She is my bestfriend's daughter and they actually share the same birth date. You see that's why there were few birthday parties to attend :)

Instead of fairies and castles, she loves Scooby Do. Her face expression when she saw the cake was priceless! She was really excited and happy! ...and then she told me that she loves me..aaaaw This is why I love making cakes :)

I love making someone's special day more special with beautiful cakes that I made and I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to be a part of someone's special day.

My Little Ponies theme cake

Have a great week and happy baking!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Cupcake Pops!

Last week I made my 1st Cupcake Pops and I think I'm hooked with these little cake pops!
Not only that they are easy to make but they are also sooooo much fun!
Aren't they so cute? I made these without the lolly sticks because they were my first and these were for grown ups :P


If you like to try making these cute, adorable little can find the recipe here, Bakerella

I wasn't really prepared making these so I didn't have most of the ingredients. I didn't have the candy coating so I decided to use chocolate melts. I was a little scared that it wouldn't work but it did.
Although it is not recommended to use chocolate melts because it does not set as hard as candy coating does. 

So if you can't find candy coating, this is what I read in the book: Melt regular chocolate and use paramount crystals or shortening to make it easier for dipping. Start by adding about a teaspoon per pound of coating until the coating is fluid enough for dipping. This method is best for making cake balls only.

Happy baking!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Chocolate Gourmet Cake


I made this cake for a friend, who ordered it for her dad's birthday.
This is the ultimate chocolate cake..the most devilish chocolate cake that I've ever made!...Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling and dark chocolate ganache, top with few raspberries to balance the chocolate flavour :)