Monday, 29 August 2011

Tom and Jerry birthday cake and Simple chocolate spring cupcakes

What a week it has been! it has been super super busy with sick kids, sending off design works, baking, packing (YES I'm going for a 3 weeks family holiday yay!)

We are leaving tomorrow to go Indonesia, Bali and Singapore..woo hooo!
and rather than spending my time packing, I'm blogging away because I want to show you my latest creation hehehe

I made the Tom and Jerry cake for a boy who turned 4 this week.
The inspiration came from Warner Bros, Cartoon cake by Debbie Brown book.
Rather than copying the original design (which I don't like to do anyway), I wanted to do something cuter..and here it is! Super was lots of fun to make too!

I also made these simple cupcakes for my best friend who turned 34 this year. They were done in a rush, I think I did them in less than 15 min! (decorating them I mean, not including baking time) Didn't have time to let the flowers completely dry either...but they turned out okay! Thank goodness!

Okay, I'm off packing again and hopefully the kids will be well behaved through out the trip tomorrow!

Have a great week all and happy baking!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Kamen rider cake, Lilac mini ruffles cake and Little monster cake

Last week was my youngest son's 2nd birthday. I still can't believe that he has turned two..oh how fast time flies. I remember when I first held him in my arm...he was so tiny... He was born premature at 32 weeks, he seemed so fragile and helpless. And look at him now, he is so full of personality, very cheeky and super active. He loves exploring, climbing and dancing. Definitely not a helpless little boy anymore! oh how he grows so fast! he will be forever my baby boy!

So this is the cake that I made for him for his special day. A little monster cake for my cheeky little monster! Happy birthday boy...the best is yet to be!

My parents 15th mini anniversary cake - Mini ruffles cake

On the same day as my son's birthday, is also my parent's wedding anniversary. This year is their 15th wedding anniversary and we decided to celebrate it together. I wanted to surprise them with a cake. My mum's favourite colour is lilac and because they don't eat much cake so I thought a mini cake would be perfect for them! The look of my mum's face when she saw the cake was priceless..Happy anniversary to my parents!

On the same week, my friend asked me to make her son's 8th birthday cake. His favourite super hero is Kamen Rider ooo. Kamen Rider is a Japanese action figure/superhero..very popular in Asia I heard. When I did my research, I couldn't find many info or something that inspire me for the design, (not much in english anyway hehe) in the end I decided to go with the colour scheme, red green & yellow.
I am not too happy with the final design..I think it needs more personality on the cake. But the boy & mother were very happy...that made me feel a little better. oh being a perfectionist is not easy! lol

Have a great week everyone and Happy baking!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Bumblebee Transformers Cake


This has been my cake project this week, Bumblebee from Transformers favourite yellow Autobot!! I made this for my friend's son who turned 4 this week. At first I wanted to make something that's more colourful, cute, and fun..something like Bumblebee coming out of a cake. But somewhere a long the way I had a change of heart and leaning towards something that's more realistic and boyish. Not sure what got into me..maybe living with mostly boys at home did that..LOL!

The story is Bumblebee emerged from rubble after almost got defeated by Decepticons. (This is my version of the story)..This is the scene where he got back up to fight back Decepticons..In the end of course he won! hehe

Honestly I didn't think it was possible to make this character..I'm a pink..roses..girly girl type of girl..what do I know about robots! but I did it and it was lots of fun to make him too! :)

Happy Birthday Theo! it's a shame that we can't make it to your birthday party..hope you have an awesome party and hope you like the cake too!!