Friday, 27 May 2011

How to make Minions cake pops from Despicable Me movie

Oh I just love this character..they are so adorable!
I made these little guys last week for our little minions. To match the birthday cake theme I thought it would be cute to make little minions cake pops.

I have to say that they were not the best and smoothest cake pops out there.. but they definitely tasted really good! The problem was because I put too much frosting in my cake batter. So when I dipped the cake balls into the melted candy coating, they fell off the stick and crumbled :(
Luckily I could save some good ones!

If you notice in the picture, there are 2 odd ones...Those are my 1st two trial pops. They didn't fall off the stick or crumbled but the texture was not smooth because the candy coating was too thick. So I added shortening until it was thin enough to work with.

If you want to make these guys, here is what you need:

Firstly, Follow the basic instructions for cake pops and use the following to decorate:

Wax paper
Yellow candy melts(1 lb. pkg.)
Lollipop sticks
Edible ink pens
Queen Writing Icing set, you can get this from local supermarket.
Large diameter straw, I used this to cut the eyes.
Fondant icing
Black gel food colouring

When you get into the stage of shaping the cake, first shape them into balls around 5cm in diameter. You can also weight them to get the same size of balls. Then with both your hands roll them to capsule-like shape. As you can see in the picture, I made few longer ones and few more rounded ones.

Cover with aluminum foil or plastic wrap and chill in refrigerator for several hours.
TIP: You can speed this up by placing in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

Melt chocolate in the microwave per directions on package. (30 sec intervals), stirring in between.

Dip the tip of your lollipop stick in a little of the melted candy coating and insert into the cake balls. (Insert a little less than halfway). If you can't find lollipop sticks, you can also use ice cream sticks. They are cheaper, just less pretty :)

Place them in the freezer for a little while to firm up.

Once firm, carefully insert the cake ball into the candy coating by holding the lollipop stick and rotating until covered. Once covered remove and softly tap and rotate until the excess chocolate falls off. Don’t tap too hard or the cake ball will fall off, too.

Place in a styrofoam block to dry.

Once dry, you can start to decorate them.

For the goggle/eyes:

Take a small piece of fondant icing and mix a tiny amount of black gel food colouring into white fondant icing to make grey colour fondant. Add more black if the colour is not grey enough. Just keep adding small amount of colour until you get the desired colour. Mix colour until it's well mixed.

Roll grey coloured fondant about 4-5mm thickness and cut out a round shape using the straw. Then carefully flatten the cut out fondant so you make a slightly bigger round shape.

Roll white coloured fondant thinly about 2mm and cut out a round shape using the straw.

Brush back of fondant with water. Attach smaller shape to larger one. 
Brush again back of the eyes with water then position the eyes approx near the top.
Press them onto cake; hold until decoration feels secure.

Wait until the eyes are dry, draw the eye balls with an edible ink pen. Allow ink to dry!

For the goggle band, hair and mouth, originally I was going to use edible ink pen, unfortunately my pen was running out of I had to improvised.
I decided to use the green colour writing icing and they turned out quite good!

For the clothes: Draw the clothes using the blue colour writing icing. Use a toothpick to help spread the icing evenly.

Let the icing completely dry.


Happy baking everyone!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Little Minion from Despicable Me Movie Cake, Cake Pops and a Whimsical Cake

Finally, here is the surprise cake that I've been working on this week...Little Minion character from Despicable Me movie. And no it's not for a little boy's birthday..I made this cake for hubby's birthday yesterday. I guess he is young at heart hahaha. I did think the cake looked a little kiddy at first so I added an opened bottle of champagne..and that did the trick..not too kiddy anymore!

Oh this little guy is almost too cute to be sliced!

The mini cake is actually a cake dummy. Originally I was planning to use Rice Krispy Treats, but I didn't have much time because I still had cake pops to make, dinner and etc.
This was also because I made 2 birthday cakes for hubby...yep 2 cakes, cake pops, and a 2 little monkeys to look after. I don't know how I did it... but I did it! 

Yes I love him that much that I made him 2 cakes. Am I the best wife or what hehehe. But maybe it's also because I just love making cakes? Ha ha...  He wanted to bring a cake to share with his friends at work. So I made him this whimsical cake..I think that's what it's called.


Since we celebrated his birthday with our playdate group, I thought these guys would be a great treat for the kids. Little minion pops for our little minions...

If you notice there are 2 different kind of minions in the bunch, well they are actually not minions, they are 2 little cake pop monsters. There is actually a story behind it, will tell you about it in the next post.

I'm also going to post a tutorial how to make these guys.
I have been thinking to do a tutorial post for a while and I think this would be a great start!

Happy baking to all and Happy birthday to my darling hubby..!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Black and White theme Cupcakes

Presenting you the beautiful black and white cupcakes I made last week. This post has been sitting in my draft inbox for few days. I've been abandoning particular reason apart from my laziness and also I'm focusing my energy on planning hubby's birthday :)


Oh I just love cupcakes...aren't they so adorable? I made 2 different flavour for these cupcakes, one batch of dark chocolate flavour and one batch of banana flavour with vanilla buttercream frosting.

Since I made these cupcakes, I can't stop thinking about making more cupcakes! I have tons and tons of idea running through my head...and I can't stop it! I'm even having trouble sleeping thinking about it. Looks like I've been hit by cupcakes fever! lol! this space, there will be more cupcakes craze in the coming posts!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

One cute Mickey Mouse theme cake


Here is my latest cake that I made. One cute Mickey Mouse theme cake. It has been a busy week here in Bake-a-boo's kitchen, and I'm loving it!

This week particularly is an exciting week. Hubby's birthday this weekend and I'm making him a special cake. A character theme cake from his favourite movie. I'm not telling you what it's a surprise. ooh I can't wait to show you the cake! :)

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Aurel's Unicorn and Fairy Cake

A magical fairy theme cake for Aurel's 4th Birthday, complete with a sparkly unicorn and a sparkly fairy. It's a shame that the camera didn't capture the sparkles..otherwise it would have looked more magical! 

Everytime I do a girly cake like this, it gives me a special joy. I just loved every minute of it.
My challenge with this cake was the fairy. Sculpting the fairy's face was a whole new experience and I'm glad I had the opportunity to do it. Aurel's mum has requested a big eyes fairy with dark hair, wearing a crown and purple dress. She gave me a picture of her favourite fairy. And I'm so glad that she was happy with it! Most importantly Aurel was very happy with it too :)


Have a great week everyone!

Romantic Green and White Roses Anniversary Cake

Okay I think I'm falling in love with making roses from buttercream icing.
Making roses from gum-paste is also fun but they do take more time and a lot more patience.
These roses only take couple of minutes and voilĂ ..they are done!
How I wish that they could be less delicate and more solid as gum paste roses..just a wishful thinking :)

Monday, 2 May 2011

Chocolate-Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns

The best part of Easter, aside from the 4 day long weekend is of course Hot Cross Buns.
And there is nothing better than a smell of chocolaty and cinnamony smell of freshly baked hot cross buns in the morning. I made these buns on the Easter weekend and oh boy they were delicious!

The problem was I love both cinnamon and chocolate. I couldn't decide which one I want to make..then crazy idea came out, why not combine them! If you are like me, then these buns are perfect for you :)

This recipe makes about 16 Hot Cross Buns:


1sachet (8g) Edmonds instant dry yeast
1/2 cup milk
3/4 cup hot water
1/2 tsp salt
50g butter (melted)
1 egg
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup cocoa powder
1Tbs Cinnamon
4 cups high grade flour
1/2 cup chocolate chips

  • Combine the yeast, milk, hot water, one tablespoon of the brown sugar and the salt into a large bowl. Stir until the yeast has dissolved. 
  • Add 2 cups of the measured high grade flour into the yeast mixture. Cover and leave in a warm place for about 30 minutes.
  • In another bowl mix the melted butter and remaining brown sugar, then beat in the egg. 
  • Add the risen yeast mixture and the cocoa powder, cinnamon and remaining flour and mix to make a dough just firm enough to knead, adding a little extra flour if necessary.
  • Knead with the dough hook of an electric mixer or by hand on a lightly floured surface for 10 minutes or until the dough forms a soft ball and springs back when lightly pressed. 
  • Add the chocolate chips and knead for a minute longer. 
  • Divide the dough evenly into four pieces then cut each of these into 4. 
  • Shape each piece into a round ball and arrange the balls in non-stick sprayed 9x13 baking pans, leaving about 1 cm between each bun. 
  • Cover with cling film and leave in a warm place until double in size, about 30-45min.

For the pastry crosses:
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup cold water

The easiest way to do this is to place flour and cold water in a small Ziploc bag, seal and squish it together to form a sticky paste.  Snip one corner of the bag and pipe out crosses onto the buns. A little trick I learned from Jo Seagar book :)

Bake at 200C for 12-15 minutes or until lightly browned.

Glaze immediately as they come out of the oven with a syrup.
For the Glaze:
1/4 cup sugar & 2 tablespoons water, mix well.

Happy Baking!